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Hi, I’m Alston.

First, thank you so much for checking out our web managed to host service. Before we get into that, We are Maxinium, a digital growth agency with the primary focus on helping business owners to succeed in their business, using internet solutions.

We are not a traditional marketing agency with large offices, so much overhead costs, unnecessary procedures & contracts.

We are a modern-day agency we are we can provide optimized service for our customers at an affordable price and to make sure that what we provide is helping you.

So let me explain what is web hosting first, web posting is a space on the internet, which will host your website contents.

So you will have a domain name so someone types That domain name, for example, “” Then what we do is it will send a request to a computer on the internet to grab all the files available under the website to the user which is using to see your site.

So the computer which holds all the files through over the internet, that is what we called web hosting.

So you in Maxinium, we are not a web hosting service provider. We don’t offer that service. There are thousands of websites there.

What we do is, we offer managed hosting services. What that means is we assume the client is not technical, or he does not have any time to manage with hosting you wouldn’t believe how many how much maintenance there will be for hosting.

So what we are offering is a fully managed Webhosting where you don’t need to worry about anything, we will be able to handle everything for you.

So that is the service be offering on this page, but make sure that I let me remind you some of the bad things can happen in case you are managing your web hosting, or you’re getting a web hosting service from someone.

So first web hosting is so vulnerable to hacking go into our website security page, and you can learn more, you would be able to see all the statistic because websites are like computers, where we install virus guard in our computer without anything like that in our website it is more prone to get attacked.

So if you have an unsecured web hosting setup, then your site will be more likely to get attacked.

Second, they can be slow. Some user doesn’t know this if your site is not loading below, let’s say four seconds or three seconds ideas should be 2.5. But if it’s not loading before four seconds, you will lose your customer.

No one likes this slow website, you go to your website and wait for like six, seven seconds to load each page. Do you think the customers going to be staying in? Whether do you stay on a website like that? So think about it, you will find so much cheaper option to web hosting, but how many are fast enough to know your website in a respectable time to be considered as a good hosting.

Make sure the speed is also a factor when it comes to Google ranking, so if your site is low, you will get global rankings.

The third, it can be unsecured not all web hosting is created equally, guys. Sometimes, to manage costs to reduce overheads, it might not be secure.

In that case, what it can do, it can cause severe problems to your website or even to your web hosting account.

So make sure you’re web hosting is secure sometimes, to get the maximum profit out of a server, what most will do is they will oversell and host your website with so many other websites. What that can do is the terrible neighborhood of sites.

What it can do is since it is hosted on your same IP enabled in your web hosting neighborhood, the problem with that site can also affect your website.

That means if there is a problem with that hosting, or is there any penalty on That website, it can lead to your domain.

You can check about all these things I explained all over the internet so you can know that I’m just not lying to you. These facts with what I’m saying.

Again, downtime. Most people did not know about these things because downtime, they are not focused on downtime when they go for cheap hosting. But what happens is when your website gets down, that’s what the problem with inconsistent hosting.

The problem is to think about it; you do all the marketing promotion you do is SEO, social media, and local marketing.

Your web visitor comes to your website and thinks if it’s not loading or if it’s not available, then all your marketing efforts go down the drain.

So what you need to do is you need to the website with that reliable hosting support to make sure it’s always online to make sure you reach your customers effectively.

Again, code compatibility, integration, vulnerabilities, updates to the script can also cause effects as a problem.

So need we need to monitor them, and SSL integration is another key indicator, for example. Now, Google browser, which is our most popular browser, apart from Firefox, is showing an unsecured message for any website without HTTPS or SSL certificate.

So we need to make sure we integrate that into your web hosting, mail integration.

Let say, for example, you have an email address, like “[email protected]” or “[email protected],” which means if there is some problem for your website.

It also likely to affect your email option, too, so you need to make sure that we keep all these things correct.

So those are the responsibilities when it comes to web hosting.

What we provide:

Cloud hosting solutions for small to any business owners are looking for hosting.

We also provide windows hosting for Windows Server 2008 2012 server editions to do any computer resource-intensive tasks.

Finally, we also provide VPS and dedicated server; these are for huge websites with a huge amount of traffic we are providing that we are just not merely providing this service we manage these services for you.

Meaning you don’t need to worry about anything which I have said about web-hosting since we’ll be managing all the services for you.

So, overall, in Maxinium, we are not another hosting service; we provide managed hosting service; all hosted websites under our care will be a fast loading website.

It will be it will have protection against DoS attacks. So there won’t be any denial of service attacks.

We will help you with up time then we will continuously monitor that your websites stay up if there is any problem we will immediately take care of it.

There is no overselling we care about our customers because our reputation matters for us, so there will not be any overselling; it will have the necessary resources to make sure your website loads correctly.

All the technology we use under the service web host will be perfect, and it will be modern, and we will always be updated. Website safety has also been taking into consideration.

There are multiple payment options for the customers to pay for the website hosting with us.

We also provide full maintenance and support for hosting, and finally, there is no automated process if you sign up as a web hosting client.

There’s no automatic process we validate we take each and every customers website and their background to make sure whatever we are getting into our system is thoroughly clean so you can make sure you are comfortable enough to know that you will be hosted with the other clients also a professional just as like you.

So we have included the basic pricing plan for each of these. If you have any custom requirement or questions or anything that you think you need to contact us, feel free to contact us and we will be able to help you even if you don’t get our web service because we love to help any business As we’re taking the first step towards the success of their business through digital marketing solutions, so I hope I’ve explained everything easier.

Thank you so much for the time, and I hope you will succeed through the internet. Thank you

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Our service which will manage and handle your hosting in sri lanka requirement so you can focus on your business and can leave your hosting problems in the hands of professionals.

We offer a wide range of hosting solutions to choose from such as shared hosting, cheap hosting, reseller hosting, e-commerce hosting, Linux hosting, vps hosting, unlimited hosting, cpanel, cloud servers, SSD, dedicated servers and much more.

We also offer additional services such as domain names including lk, SSL certificates and much more.


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