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Hi, I’m Alston Antony, Co-founder of Maxinium.

First, thank you so much for checking out our website. Before we go into anything further, let me introduce ourselves. We are Maxinium, a small digital growth agency with the primary focus of helping you to succeed in your business or industry by using internet solutions.

We are not a traditional marketing agency with large offices, so much overhead costs or so many procedures or contracts.

We are a modern-day digital marketing agency with a primary focus on offering a result-oriented solution with professional process efficiency at affordable pricing for our customers without sacrificing any quality.

That’s what Maxinium we are focused on delivering the results first for the customer.

Let me say why you might consider us for your digital marketing needs.

First, there is no forced selling at all. When you ask for something with us when you ask us doubt about a new inquires about any project with us, there will be no sales pitch at all.

We don’t believe in going to a customer with a solution to the problem with a sales pitch because we understand for every customer that will be different, the purpose or the goal will be different.

So what we do is when the customer comes to us, we will listen to your problem they will ask what your short term goal is? What is the long term goal? What you’re looking to get from it based on That we will offer the guidance or the advice you deserve to choose the right services for you to make sure that you not only get it for the sake of it, but you are going to get success out of it. So no forced selling.

The second, there will be no minimum period contract. You would have seen when you go into some digital agency where they will ask you to sign up for a mandatory six months contract or one year contract or even two years.

We don’t work like that. We never want to keep someone forced with us because we know if we deliver the results you wish to or if we are getting you a good ROI, then we don’t need to keep you forcefully to stay with us.

You will be happy to stay with us. That’s the way we want our customers to be. So with us, there is no time, minimum time to duration contracts, we operate on a monthly basis. If you don’t like our services, you’re free to go and leave; there is nothing in our agreement or contract.

The only thing is you need to let us know in advance that you are leaving because we have already planned out all the campaigns, all the projects, all the content on your project in advance, that’s you need to let us know.

Otherwise, there is nothing like forced contracts with us. As I said before, we are a result-oriented marketing service. What that means is, if it’s not going to generate any ROI or profit for your business, there’s no point in doing it.

So whatever the service delivery or whatever the solution we provide, we will always make sure that that the results are delivered from it we can provide deserves to do service to your business.

We will always give you and set achievable goals to get you as a client; we are not going to lie and say all the unrealistic goals with a shorter time period because we are not looking for a customer for a one month or one time.

What we are looking for in a customer is a long term relationship. So you would be happy with our services.

So, what are the goals you give us? We will let you know whether it’s achievable, or if it’s not, we will modify and let you know what is an attainable goal here and what time period to expect.

Next, World standards we pride ourselves on offering all the services that can be web design or can be search engine optimization, or all of our services are up to the standard of industry level.

So we will make sure there are no unethical methods in or there are no shortcuts. We don’t want to keep our customers just by reducing the costs; we will always put the quality first.

So, we will make sure to follow all the guidelines set by the industry standards in your project.

The next factor is the intelligent process, as I said, a modern digital agency. So basically, there will be no paper involved because we love to work in a modern, optimized way. So if you are signing up with us, there will be an e-proposal where electronically, we will be sending an inter sending an interactive proposal for you.

You can check you can choose what packages you want. You can select the addons you wish to and you on the internet itself, you can sign it, upload your signature or put an electronic signature and automatically based on your choices, we will generate automatic e-invoice with a PDF printout capability.

So you will be able to see all the records. Once you’re accepted, the proposal also will be giving you access to our project management system for clients. So you will always be linked to our project management dashboard thought that you could send us a message we can send us the file we can request all the requirements so we can effectively eliminate emails, phone calls, Whatsapp & other messaging platforms so we can have a centralized hub.

So we all through the process of your project whenever it’s possible, we will try to make it optimized for the user and us so you will be able to communicate and work with us efficiently, and we will be able to provide the solution in a much better way for you.

The next factor is “quality first” as I told you, the reason we are not traditional marketing is mainly that so we can save unnecessary costs. With these unnecessary costs, we can provide an affordable solution for the client, but without compromising any quality, just it does not make sense for us to compromise quality.

We want the customers to be happy. We want our customers to refer other customers to us. So we will make sure whatever the service we provide, it’s up to the quality. So we are not focused on the price we are an agency which is focused on results and quality of the service we provide.

By saying that we also provide affordable pricing as I said, we met earlier stages Because we don’t have unnecessary overheads, so any project you choose to work with us all the price will be directly going into the project without any markup based on unnecessary costs with may be involved.

Finally, success is the key for us. In most companies I have realized based on the customer calls I have been getting, most companies are doing digital marketing or digital growth strategies, just for the sake of doing it today. They will say we are doing social media marketing, okay, we have someone to do SEO.

But when I asked them, Do you think it’s actually providing the result you want? Or does it have a good enough ROI return on investment for your business? They will say most of the time; they will not have any ideas on what I’m even talking about. They see we are doing So, it should be making sense we would have already received the full potential, but it does not work like that.

Any process you take, you should always track and measure to make sure that what you are doing is what you’re paying us to do this delivering enough results, enough customers for your business to cover our expenses and give nice little extra profit and stably keep on growing. So success is the primary point of our service.

Okay, those are the reasons which I wanted to let you know.

Now let me briefly explain what services we are offering in Maxinium. The first one, the most important one for any business that is looking to market their business digitally.

Web designing – what in web design is we will create an excellent website for your personal need, or business need or eCommerce need, these websites will be created according to the requirement; it will be a modern professional website which will be able to work on all devices. At the same time, it will be fully SEO optimized. To learn more about it, please visit our web design page. There is more information, and also a video is there to expand you further.

The second service we offer is a search engine ranking. It’s also known as SEO or search engine optimization. It is the process to rank your website for the keyword typed on Google to show on the top position.

For example, if you own car service in Colombo, we will make sure when someone types “best car service in Colombo” or “cheap car service in Colombo” or “car service in Colombo” or other unlimited variation when they type these things, your website listed at the top positions.

So the customer will go to your website, and there is a lot of possibilities to convert him as your customer.

The third service we provide is called Social Media Marketing.

Make sure this is not social media management guys; this is a huge misconception when it comes to social media.

Social Media Management, that means is you’re just posting your post, you’re just for the sake of it, putting some content into the social media, and you are expecting we are doing social media marketing. That’s not what we do.

We offer a full-scale social media marketing service for you what that means. We will refer customers through social media to your business. That is our goal.

Just not populating your social media with content we want to drive customers from social media into your business for that will create social media posts, all the advertisement campaigns, and we are not boosting your advertisement that is a fundamental way of getting easy money for Facebook.

We will be creating an advertising campaign on the business platform of Facebook for your business. So we can target with over 100 plus target capabilities and reach your target audience precisely, that is what we call social media marketing.

The next one is graphic designing. What that means is being able to design and create the visual design for your promotional marketing purposes or even for your website. We will be able to provide web graphics or even local graphics more details you will be able to see on that particular service page.

We will be able to create everything from a logo, banner, slide, flyer, design ebook, or book cover everything is available you can check it out there.

The next service is digital video creation. This is the following form of graphic designing because we all know we love to watch videos.

The reason you’re watching this video for this long is that it’s easier to watch a video compared to reading something so we incorporate multimedia style video creations for promotion of your business, promoting your products, introducing your services & getting social media videos so make sure that it integrates with your audience much better.

It influences your audience in a much positive manner. You get to express emotions felt through the video. So all these things come on under digital video creation. You can learn more about it on its page.

Then website protection and recovery. It is a primary service that gets ignored just because people are unaware of it, for example, take a computer and mobile phones.

We have a security solution for each and every device, but users of forgetting about the website. The internet is such huge guys; there are so many positives, but there is also negative there is malware.

There are hacking attempts; there are vulnerabilities there are hijacking off or ransomware on your website.

All these things can damage your business, destroy your domain, or damage your brand image. That’s the reason we are offering protection services for the website.

If your website is already attacked, already being damaged, we also provide recovery service please check out that page if you need more details on that.

The next service we offer domain registration service what that means we are not another domain registration solution, but instead, we offer a fully managed domain registration and management service.

We are we will guide you on how to select the right domain, we will help you in registering your domain on your behalf, we will be on verifying the domain, we will help you on setting DNS for the domain, we will help you to connect to your domain to your hosting, we will help you in managing your domain with renewal support, all these things will be will be doing so you don’t need to be worrying about domain registration or domain management at all more details can be found on its page.

The next service is web hosting, so once you have the domains, the next step is to connect to a web hosting where we are not another traditional hosting. We provide the same as domain fully managed to host a solution where we will take care of all the technical and problems for you when it comes to web hosting.

We will create and manage and provide support for web hosting with us.

Finally, we also offer article writing services. It is another huge requirement for our customers well because they know they need to write about the business they need to express their business. For example, they need to write with the buyer’s intention of providing information and contact with their target audience, but they are unable to do because of the language barrier.

So we provide professional English article writing service on your industry, it can be for your website or local medium like flyer, brochure, or even it can be for websites like a blog post or your web content. So be love providing article writing service, you can check out it that page to gain more details on that.

Also, please note each of the service pages has its video. What that means is in each of this page is created a similar video like this, where you can check it out, and I have explained all the information things you should know when you’re choosing this service and what we provide, all the details are provided.

So I think I have covered enough on what we do and what we offer. If you have a project for us, please check out its relevant page and contact us, and we will be happy to help you. There is no commitment involved.

We love to encourage startup of business owners, we’re taking the first tip on digital marketing, so feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

So once again, thank you so much for checking out this video. And I hope you will be succeeding in your business through internet solutions and we will be part of it.

There are 100s of digital agencies in Sri Lanka.

Why Us For Your Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka?

No Force Selling

We don't have sales pitches. We will listen to your problems and advise on the solutions for you to choose.

No Contracts

There are no contracts with us, such as yearly or restrictive exit clause like in other digital marketing companies.

Results Driven

We will show the proof of growth and success so you know it was the right decision to work with us.

Achievable Goals

We never make fake promise to get you as a client. We will achieve any goals we set in the agreed time.

World Standards

We are white-hat, which means our process follows world & national rules when it comes to web marketing.

Intelligent Process

Intelligent processes for client such interactive e-proposals, e-invoices & e-project client project portal.

Quality First

We never compromise our quality of the service to offer the cheapest pricing, unlike some companies.

Select Clients

We never accept all clients; instead, we will do research and also check our availability before deciding.

Success is Key

We don't merely offer marketing services, but our services are designed to make you succeed.

maxinium connects people with digital solutions

What we are working on?

Our Digital Projects

Maxinium loves to use digital transformation to solve a business or day to day problems.

To accomplish that, Maxinium has created several in-house digital solutions projects to help its target audience.

We have a solution for every digital problem.

Our Sri Lankan Digital Marketing Services

computer shows web design service in sri lanka

Web Designing

Get a modern website which looks great & has perfect coding.

SEO service in Sri Lanka

Search Engine Ranking

Top ranking in Google to drive customers from search engines.

social media marketing service

Social Media Marketing

Reach & engage your target audience through social networks.

Graphic Designing

Professional & affordable graphic designing service for web & print.

marketing video creation service

Video Creation

Stunning & professional short videos for your business promotion and ads.

Website Protect & Recovery

Recover website & virtual properties from hacking, spam, penalty, viruses.

domain registration service

Domain Registration

We will suggest, guide, acquire the best domain name for your website.

webhosting service

Web Hosting

Managed, safe, and fast CPanel web hosting solution for your website.

article writing service in Sri Lanka

Article Writing

Article and content writing service for your website's blog or promotion.


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Let me introduce us again

We are Maxinium - a digital marketing company

online marketing in sri lanka

Maxinium, a Sri Lanka based digital marketing company, is focused on getting more customers to your business through e-marketing.

When you hire us we don’t see you as a order but a recurring customer for life to your digital marketing needs and who might refer your friends if you genuinely know we can help them as we did for you. Due to that reason you can imagine the effort we invest in your project success.

Maxinium offers the same assurance of expertise, resources, and quality in all our services, helping online businesses with end-to-end internet marketing solutions.

Let's grow Sri Lanka with Digital

Web Marketing: Helping to reach new heights

Everyone knows that, in today’s digital age, most people do their research on the internet before they even step foot on any business site or the best platform to re-target your existing customers.

You could say that if you are not online, you risk reducing your potential customer pool to the remaining 40% of prospective buyers who buy the traditional and old-fashioned way.

So get into the new age of digital business where you can not only target customers in a small local community but you can target the whole island and whole wide world.

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