Our Digital Projects

Our Digital Projects: Solutions to help audience worldwide

SaaSPirate: SaaS Launch Platform

Helping business owners to find affordable digital SaaS solutions and also encouraging SaaS startups to find customers. With over 500+ software company partnerships, over 100+ SaaS projects launch and 10,000 business owner visitors monthly received.

India Junction – City Marketplace

Covering biggest cities in Tamil nadu, creating the ultimate information, guide and marketplace platforms. Over 1000+ top ranked keywords, Monthly visits over 1 lakh audience base and 50+ custom partnerships.

Digital Marketing Blog

Results-driven digital marketing blogs to help you with your web marketing and digital transformation. We currently cover International, Sri Lankan, and Tamil languages.

AI Tools & SaaS Consultation

Helping business and professionals to transform their their work life with AI. Helping business to understand and use AI along with launching new cutting edge AI into the markets.

Digital Education & SaaS Teaching

Educating and training entrepreneurs in digital marketing, technology, website, and digital business solutions. We have helped over 6000+ students so far in English & Tamil languages.

Digital Entrepreneurs Community

Our community of entrepreneurs who use digital tech and solutions to build their business! We currently have more than 7000+ members in our exclusive private group.

Sri Lankan Matrimony

Award-winning free matrimony platform with over 1000 verified partner profiles. Full profiles, advanced search, photos, chat, private message, virtual gifts, privacy & more.

Sold LK: Sri Lankan e-Marketplace

Full-scale digital e-marketplace platform to connect Sri Lankan buyers and sellers. Already over 100+ verified businesses Includes feature-rich explore, in-depth business info, reviews & ratings, sell directly, feature-rich customer & seller panel, and more.