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Hi, I am Alston.

First, thank you so much for checking out our digital video creation service page.

Before going into that, we are Maxinium, a digital growth agency with the primary focus to help business owners to succeed in their business using internet solutions. We are not a traditional marketing agency wherewith huge overhead costs, big offices or so many contracts.

In alternatively, we are a small result-oriented growth agency for your digital marketing needs. We will be able to provide optimized result oriented service at affordable pricing for our clients. Now let’s get into digital video creation.

What is a video we all know video we love to watch the video you know that apart from Google, the second popular search engine is YouTube because it is so powerful so many videos are easily able to watch so many people hours.

Let’s take you, for example; you are watching me in this video that means you love to see a watch a video rather than read the text.

So that’s what we are offering in this service. This is not a photography service; we don’t create natural real Life video services. This is not photography. This is digital video creation.

What that means is we me using multimedia images, video slideshows, text, your images brand assets to create a multimedia video to attract to your audience or to target your audience much better in webspace.

So we are offering various digital video creation such as promotional video. This can be either to introduce your brand or explain your business or describe the services you’re providing.

These are promotional, or either if you are an e-commerce store and you’re selling something you want to create a video rather than just a graphical image to promote, be offering that these are the promotional videos.

The secondary video type we are offering is called intro and outro video; it will be making more sense if you are a professional vlogger will create reviews for YouTube or even a brand asset for your business.

Then we will be creating an excellent introduction for our video via will be showing your logos and your social media content or your business content in a uniquely effective way before the video so we’d be able to create both intro and outros.

Third video type we offer social ad video, You would have already seen have you ever seen any review ads in your social media feed? Those are what we call social media video ads.

Using only images for your advertisement campaigns or social media will be outdated. It is still a great way to get targeted visitors to engage in your post if you do grab excellent graphic designing services.

But let’s say you add video into that mix. It can be a small video like 20 seconds 30 seconds, even one minute, the length does not matter but merely having a review.

It will be more eye-catching you will be able to show more you message to him you will be able to show more feelings or emotions through the video so that all the services we offer all of the videos will be using images, videos, text or other multimedia elements.

We also provide commercial-free audio tracks for all the videos we create. We also include commercial-free images and video stocks into other videos.

In case you are not able to find any commercial free then we will be able to purchase commercial stock on behalf of you and use on the video, and we will be transferring the rights to you, and the videos we create will be full HD version so it will be clear and sharp.

It will be optimized for the web; all these things are provided. And even I have included almost 16 samples, and we’ll be adding more examples and types of videos we create.

Feel free to go through them, and if you require samples, please contact us, and we will send you samples in your category. So see you can see what kind of video we can create for you.

So, if you need any digital video creation, feel free to contact us or even if you have any custom requirement, feel free to get in touch with us we love to help any business owners who take the first step on digital marketing, there is no commitment in what we allow to make your business grow.

So thank you so much for checking out this video. I hope this service is useful for your business. Thanks

Our Video Creation Services

Promotional Videos

We create promotional and introduction multimedia videos for your business.

Intro & Outro Videos

We create a fantastic intro and outro for YouTube videos, including watermark.

Social Ad Videos

We create social and advertising videos to promote your products or content.

How Making Videos Help Business & Marketing

Best Way to Engage

Research says that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

People Love to Watch

People spend 2.6x more time on your page if it has a video on it.

Video is the Future

Videos are the go-to communication language of netizens.

Yourself Through Video

Be master of your brand’s story with videos that take the world by storm.

What Our Video Contains?

Brand Overlay

Split / Merge Media

Speed Adjustment

Text & Logo Overlay

Animated Transitions

Multilingual Videos

Supports HD Resolution

Commercial Free Audio Music

Commercial Free Video & Images

Effects & Animated GIF

Sample Promo Videos

Sample AD Videos


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Alston Antony thanks a lot for your trust and contribution to our tool's development, we appreciate that a lot!❤️
Maria-Lyudmila Sereda
Serpstat, Netpeak Group
Thank you for being a media partner and providing SEO & digital marketing services for our conference held in Hongkong.
Rosemary Edghill
Marketing, Conference of Ophthalmology
Alston has played a huge role in our growth. I love the founder and has been a PitchGrounder for months now and have supported so many people.
Udit Goenka
Founder/CEO PitchGround

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