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Hi, I’m Alston.

First, thank you so much for checking out our article writing service page. Before we get into that, we are Maxinium, a small digital growth agency that is primarily focused on making sure that your business succeeds online through internet solutions. We are not a traditional marketing agency with big offices, so much overhead costs or so many procedures & contracts.

We are a small and modern digital growth agency we are we are not abiding by the traditional company procedures we can provide affordable and result-oriented solutions for our customers.

Okay, now, in our article writing service, all content writing service, we provide English based original industry content for our customers’ needs, Customers can have the various demand for content. So we will be able to understand the requirement, and we will write valuable and informational or any other promotional content for the customer.

Okay, what type of content we offer.

We offer three types of content. First, offline. Well, that means is offline these content you want to use it for offline purposes like writing for a brochure writing, sales letters writing a business background information, writing a press kit, or writing of information for flyer anything to do with the offline promotion of flying image will provide that.

Second, we provide web content. This is the most popular request we get. Because you have a website where social media you have all this in web profiles, let’s say you want to write content describing your business or your product or your new launches, then we will be able to do it.

The third article type provides that takes part in the web content, but it’s a specialized content called is “Seo Content”. What that means is the first focus year to gain natural SEO ranking. Then the secondary objective will be to convert the visitor.

This SEO content will include certain extra feature functionality like keyword density, LSI keyword, proper heading structures, and keywords so, these will make sure that you gain maximum exposure to search engines when we write your content.

Okay now, we will also be able to accept any request, we will make sure the article we write correct entirely reflect the purpose you are looking for, for example, if you want the article to make someone make something to buy, we will buy right the content with my intention.

If you intend to show the history of your company, then you will be made the article with an informational in-depth.

So, based on your customer need, we will change the intent, structure, and readability on this will be affected so we can make sure that we provide the perfect content for you.

Okay, now, why us few factors which differentiate us.

I wanted to let you know first Industrial Research when we create content, we always do our industry research, or we will ask you to provide background information.

So whatever the content we write will be statistically correct and factually also perfect. The second fast turnaround time, we will be able to make sure that whatever the job you’re providing, we will be able to deliver before the project a plan, and there won’t be any excuses.

Third, perfect grammar. If your content contains grammar errors, it will be discouraging for the user to read it, or in many cases, search engine algorithms are getting more sophisticated, that means it will detect grammatical error so it will revalue page based on that, so Our content will be correctly grammar free.

We don’t have any plagiarism or duplicate content. This is mostly gets ignored; sometimes, there are so many websites where they can grab the content piece without even knowing it is bad for a couple of reasons. One, it can be bad. If it’s copyrighted, you will incur the copyright penalty.

They, if they are already written somewhere on the web and you write the same thing in your content, will consider as a duplicate so you won’t get the benefit it deserves if it’s an original article.

So because all the articles will be all written and before delivering to the client, we will check our article to make sure that there is no duplicate sentence.

So whatever the article we provide will be 100% unique. Then the next factor is readability. This is the Important which gets ignored a lot because we need to have a good flow into the article we need to create structure where the user can read and understand it quickly if it’s like block of paragraph without any structure or sequence reader won’t read it and algorithms also have developed to the point where you can even calculate readability.

So we will make sure that the article is readable for your target audience. Then, once you’re paid, and once we have completed the project, you will own your content; the rights of the content that we have written will be transferred to you, not with us.

We also offer multiple payment options bank transfer, cash, debit card, credit card payment; all these options are available for you.

We will also in case if you want will include multimedia into the article What I mean is multimedia is one we will consist of relevant external and internal links on according to the industry, we will be able to include commercial-free videos or commercial images if you want or we can include relevant you video supporting the content of your article all these will be provided in case you want to include in that.

We will also provide HTML formatting to the article if you want we can include structure, heading titles, bullet list, bold, italics all these features are available.

So if you need a content article, job which you think you might have for us, please use the contact below button to contact us with your project details because every project differs for each individual, so we haven’t given standard pricing.

So if you contact us, we will let you know the pricing, and we can work from there. Also, we are providing some more information on the page relating to content writing so you can read about it if you want to know more about content writing and I hope this video was useful and excellent luck on your promotional methods and thank you

Our Article Writing Services

Offline Content

We write English content for your local needs, including brochures, flyers, and other offline mediums.

Web Content

Web content is where you require articles to represent your brand, business, or purpose online.

SEO Article

Content for SEO, We know that content is king when it comes to SEO so we can write SEO optimized articles.

“Content is King,” and not surprisingly, content is our primary strength as it ought to be, for a company that takes pride in its abilities to deliver integrated internet service solutions.

Our writers are highly skilled and professional writers, including a proportionate number of editors, makes our content team, one of the most accomplished in the business.

They have hands-on experience of delivering content across geographies, cultures, and economies not to speak of crises. In other words, it is an integrated team of core professionals.

Why Choose Our English Article Writing Service?

Industry Research

Fast Work

Perfect Grammar

No Plagiarism

Perfect Readability

You Own Content

Multiple Payments

Perfect English

Integrate Multimedia


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Content writing, these words are derived from web content writing, which means that the text written primarily is focusing on any specific website. Content writing requires in-depth knowledge and great skill. The success of any article depends on the quality and authenticity of the content of a website.

Article writing usually does not follow a specific format and varies from site to site, but a few fundamental principles assure it. These fundamental principles are the body of the write-up that a content writer should be clear, concise, and easy to read.

In content writing service, there are some other mechanisms of quality based content, and Business Listing includes several modifications as SEO writing, SEO copywriting, website writing, blog writing, sale documents, press release writing, e-books, e-catalogs, and many other forms which appear on the Internet.

The importance of good quality content cannot be emphasized much upon. Our content writing service ties all the effort put in the designing and developing the website, adding visual impression, making it more accessible, etc., together in a wholesome and consolidated picture of the complete entire web browsing experience.

You should make sure that the SEO content writing services, you are acquiring are from a reputed SEO agency so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your content writing Sri Lanka.

Content is essential as it attracts search engines to your website. Search engines across the web aim to find keywords or key phrases to top rankings in search results. These keywords attract search engine traffic by engaging both to search engine spiders with relevant content with keywords and to human visitors with relevant content.

Moreover, content is an essential aspect of your website. It defines your prospective customers who you are, what your business is all about, what you stand for, the services and products you offer.

We provide some of the most highly commended services in the field of blog writing and content writing. The website content writing services are provided to you by our extremely skillful content writers.

The content is written devised in such a manner that makes it much more accessible to the site’s visitors based on relevancy and subject matter so that you can outshine them and attract as many customers as you can to your website.

SEO copywriting is a new style of writing developed exclusively in web and user-friendly manner. SEO copy writing involves the art of rewriting of the existing creative contents. In other words, SEO copywriting is a practice where content is revised while optimizing the content with sufficient relevant keywords.

However, one must not pad the content with excessive usage of keywords, or else, the site will be banned from the search engine. While writing for any website, thus one must have adequate knowledge about keyword density as it is used in the content.

If you have any experience regarding conventional copywriting, you must be sure of the fact that it differs quite significantly from SEO copywriting. It is a bit complicated, however, not so difficult.

When you are working on a page or an article, make sure that you have a clear idea about the required keyword phrases that you need to insert. Once you understand it, things are much simpler then. Take the benefit of keyword analysis and make your copy optimized for 2-3 keyword phrases.

Now when it comes to keyword density, there is much confusion around the web world. Many people suggest keeping it in the higher end, say about 10-15%, while some people believe in putting a stop on 1-2%. Ideally, most people prefer to manage their keyword density on 1-3% to get a much better result in Google. So, do not ever make your page or copy poorly padded with tons of keywords. Stick to the range of 1-3% to get good results.

Another critical point is the word count. Search engines usually prefer to find pages that have sufficient texts. Ideally, it should have a range between 250 words and 500 words. Some search engines are not capable of deep reading the writings on the page, so it is essential to place the keywords in proper positions, especially in the introductory portions. And we fulfill all these elements and provide the best SEO optimized article writing service.

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